The Road to Success

September 6, 2011 | Blog, Success | janice

I am still on a HIGH from the time I shared recently with the wonderful Pastors of the North Georgia Missionary Baptist Convention. How refreshing it was to be amongst leaders committed to changing the world through the Word of God and open to learning the most effective ways to do so. While my time was amazing—once I got there—the road to Euharlee, Georgia was very long! It was during my trek up I-75 that I had this amazing discovery. There are no shortcuts! None. Not in life. Not in business. Not in ministry. And definitely not to Euharlee, Georgia! I am convinced that there are ZERO shortcuts along the road to success.

Now you may disagree with my statement—but my experience has taught me every success requires a sacrifice. Every victory will cost you something. I’ll be the first to admit that in my own life I sometimes forget this truth and I anxiously try to hurry God’s process along. I find myself believing that if I read the right book (even the Bible), study at the feet of the best teachers, hire the industry’s top rated mentors and even pray fervently and consistently—all I desire will just appear. Hahaha—not so. The truth is -- reading, studying, and praying though admirable activities are only the beginning; true success requires more. Failure to apply the knowledge, practice the principles and DO THE WORK—will leave you with NO results. In all areas of our lives and ministry, we must to do the work to reap the rewards-- both spiritually and practically.

If you are saying to yourself—I will do the work! I have done the work. I am still doing the work—why am I not receiving the results?” then I want to encourage you to trust in the Lord and have faith in the process. My travels this weekend taught me there are three essential ingredients to success in everything:

1. A proven process – you will never get to Euharlee, GA (or wherever you’re headed) without a map that details your path,

2. Faith - unwavering trust in God to get you safely to your destination despite what you encounter along the way,

3. Patience - you must remain committed to the journey even when the destination seems far, far away.

It is my prayer that you will embrace these principles and enjoy the journey. Until next week, be blessed.

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